Aren’t There Enough People Talking About Money?

Why start a blog; and a blog about money for that matter? Haven’t you watched Portlandia? Blogs are “Over” and Blogs about money are “O…O…Over!”

Well if you have ever turned on a TV, backed your car out of your garage or stepped foot in the United States of America; then you would understand there is still a NEED for financial education. People aren’t getting it and the masses are floating down stream to stale, stagnant, enslaving life consisting of the shackles of financial debt.

I, like a minority out there, want to see people live free from the burden of finances. But I don’t want to stop there I want to see people live an ABUNDANT life.

If you are in that small majority of thinkers, then you will nod your head in agreement as you read the following blog posts and hopefully you might learn something valuable from a different perspective. But like most of the naysayers I meet, you will probably be skeptical and shun my advice for the comforts of the stale, dull waters of the pond that is quickly drying up with you in it.

Let’s shed our conscious fear of what those around us think and start the daunting task of swimming up stream together!

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