Laying Salmon Eggs by GIVING

This is a series we are going to begin where we look at doing little things, i.e. laying salmon eggs. I am all for making drastic life changes if need be, but by golly, some people just want some smaller steps. I see it as ripping off a band aid slowly. I mean I am one hairy dude and if I want to feel a slow dull annoying pain then I will just s…l…o…w…l…y pull off a bandaid, but if I want to get over that sucker quick then its a *snap, bam…done. Pain is harp for a minute but then its gone. But for now we will work on some of the smaller things, while I will have other posts focusing in on some quick-rip band aid ideas.

Financial Education is more than just how to deal with money…it is an act of thinking about money, or an attitude, approach, state of mind, or worldview if you must or Whatever you want to call it. Fortunately Growing up I had some great wisdom poured into my life about how to deal with money, but along with some great wisdom was some ridiculous garbage I am continually having to recognize and shed. I don’t point to one person and blame them, but it is a collective thought in our society, schools, playgrounds, coffee shops, churches, YMCAs and pretty much anywhere people congregrate. It’s the idea that more, bigger, mine is better…WRONG. Just start hammering this idea out of your head now. This idea is wrong!

The first Egg we are going to lay to combat this idea is GIVING. “You mean to tell me you are going to help me to financial freedom by giving? pfff…That is the opposite of helping me get to financial freedom, BUB!” Yes, giving is going to be the first blow to breaking the shackles of the burden of money. Whether you make a million bucks a year or $10K a year you should be a giver! It isn’t a competition of how much you give it is the idea that life is not about you! Look around, I bet you know someone in need or have at least seen a Discovery documentary of someone in need. Because of our media centered lives we are numb to the need and we focus on ME. WRONG. We need to continually be reminded their are others worse off than us and we should give a little bit where it hurts. It may not always be money, it may be time, it may be talent, I don’t know or care; but what I do PASSIONATELY care about is changing our world view to one of giving. My best friend gave me the greatest gift ever, which I will get into more later on, and it has been this continual nagging in my mind that we should give more of ourselves and keep less. So birth this salmon egg…GIVING. Go give some time to a neighbor, give some money to the needy, just do something until it begins to hurt…this will begin the process of changing the way you think about money and your resources. They are not just for you to amass a Load of junk! Once this egg hatches you will be on your way to swimming upstream to an ABUNDANT LIFE!

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5 thoughts on “Laying Salmon Eggs by GIVING

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