Smart Shopper Deal of the Day: TV

I am not an old man, but I have lived almost three decades. Plus or Minus 10,500 Days. Seeing it typed out like that seems like a long time. Plenty of time to be exposed to lots of “financial advice” through the years (or days).

There are plenty of sources where you can acquire this fabulous “financial advice”. In order of discovery: parents, grandparents, siblings, friends, teachers, your friends parents, text books,  your friends grandparents, bums transients,  non fiction books, radio, college professors, co-workers, bosses, and on and on. Oh…. I overlooked the most central and most valuable source …wait for it….(insert in the above order whenever discovered)…wait for it…ok, it’s TELEVISION! There are so many brilliant programs pandering “financial advice” it’s hard to choose the best one. I’ll choose my favorite for now, the Local News (did you pick up on my sarcasm through the paragraph yet?).

Recently, when I was unfortunately watching the local news I caught a segment on the “Smart Shopper”. I guess they have the “Deal of the Day” but I don’t even quite remember what that deal was for. Tthe gist of the segment was to show you something you would not normally think of buying or ever need in your lifetime and tell you what a tremendous deal you are getting because it is now 5% off! Well let me just lay it out…If you are looking for a “Deal” on your local news you are NOT a smart shopper. Sorry if I offended you but a good slap in the face can be just the wake up call some of us need. I would rather be the slapper than your $5000+ Credit Card Bill compounding interest as your unused “Deals” go unused in your attic.

A few years ago I had some good friends give me a slap in the face with the greatest “Smart Shopper” tip of them all: NOT BUYING CRAP! Now I realize this is a stretch for most of the masses swimming downstream to the murky waters of the evaporating pond. Trust me, I still battle with it after years of buying crap all the time. There are still temptations all the time, which I will cover later.

So what do we do with such a compelling argument of not buying stuff? “THAT IS NOT EVEN FEASIBLE” you reply. Well, I know, the majority out there want a slow approach rather than the Quick Band Aid Solution. My appeal today is to cut out a major source of that fabulous *sarcasm intended* “financial advice”: Your TELVESION. No I am not asking you to get rid of your television, although that would be a worthy decision. Our family still enjoys a good television program and or movie. “Then what exactly are you saying”.

The other night well catching this inspiring news broadcast there was also a great commercial. It showed all the reasons why Cable sucks and the states “GET RID OF CABLE” in bold typography across the screen. I was about to jump for joy! What Grade A non profit company is suggesting such great Financial Advice (no sarcasm)? Then…BOOM..the commercial ended with “Get Direct TV?!” Well my version of the commercial ends with “GET RID OF CABLE”. There are so many other free options out on this clever invention called the internet. You can pretty much find anything you would watch on Cable FREE or for a minimal cost on the internet or internet ready device. If you haven’t noticed Cable companies are also compensating by raising Internet Costs! My provider has raised internet costs 133% in the last year and a half. So if you are paying for Cable TV and TV you are being DOUBLE BILLED! So pick up your phone, Give the “man ” a ring and cancel your cable service. Then if you are having withdrawal symptoms you can use your trusty web browser for a quick 5 minutes to find out about all the free or almost free Television options on the internet to slowly cut your addiction to cable TV.

There are plan to continue Smart Shopper Deal of the Day to get you swimming upstream from the financial masses.

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