Laying Salmon Eggs with Not Giving

“What? Can I write this blog off as worthless Financial Advice yet? You just posted not long ago to start Giving and now you posted to not Give?”

Hold your horses. Let me clarify. We have talked about Views of Money and breaking down our old wolrd view to get a better financial perspective. I’m going to keep this going because it is important to swipe the slat clean and change how we think about money.

YES, it is very important to Give. This is one of the first steps to breaking the bonds of money. Life is more than money and being able to give it away freely, to those in need, puts money in it’s place…a tool to help you live an abundant life. Control this tool, but do not let this tool control you. Once giving is ingrained in your fish scales it makes it much easier to save and not spend your money on useless crap.

So, onto Not Giving: “What’s this all about?”  Again I am all for giving to those in need; your time, money, talent, etc. The key is in need! Once you find the right way to give you need to stop the BAD giving. This is what I call Holiday giving…This is the time of year when you essentially exchange $20, $50 or $100 bills. This usually happens around Holidays: Birthdays, Christmas, Valentines, etc. Well some of those holidays are fabulous occasions to celebrate, but why do we ruin the celebrations with gifts NO ONE NEEDS!

I admit I have been guilty of years of indulging in giving and receiving of these gifts. To be honest most of what I received was just…stuff, maybe throw in some junk and crap and once in a while something I might need. The thing is if you see a family or friend in need of something we should be able to reach out and help without the excuse of a Holiday. Why limit ourselves to giving during these times. And unfortunately during these times most people can’t think of something the person needs and just end up getting something to feed the status quo of giving. We tend to be seduced with the WRONG giving during these holidays by media and social  pressures. There are a lot of financial and social pressures to “give” these unneeded gifts. Most people are already drowning in credit card debt, why not give somewhere useful like paying off debt rather than getting things most will not remember in a few months anyways?

Well I say let’s swim upstream from these pressures and tell people not to give us anything! This past Christmas my wife and I told our family and friends to pay off debt rather than give us gifts or to give to someone in need. We linked to some of our favorite charities: World Vision and Sower of Seeds.

Some people may think you are “cheap” if you don’t give gifts during these holidays. The problem is the stigma in our society. Let’s be more  worried about being wise financial salmon than worrying what people think about us. Then when we are further upstream people might see the good and see the wisdom in our decisions!

Our Salmon Eggs are beginning to grow as we learn how to GIVE and NOT GIVE properly. I feel the bondage holding us in the murky waters beginning to ease as we lay more salmon eggs.

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