Mustache March

The mustache is a great example of swimming upstream from the financial masses. People don’t like it if you do things differently. And my whiskers have been growing, to the disdain of many, off and on since the days I was able. Mustache March has been an annual official celebration since the days of college with my Croation friend Stanko as inspiration.

Prejudice against the mustache has been around as long as I can remember. The negative connotations abound: Chester the Molester, Porn Film Actor, Ax Murderer, etc

Well, add Financial Salmon to the list as we turn the the tides to positive things. It now represents those swimming upstream from the financial masses and this legitimate style has proven an inspiration to me in another form: A blogger out there with the moniker of Mr Money Mustache. His ideas of living a life of financial freedom has been one of both a punch in my face as well as living inspiration to swim upstream harder than I had before.

Take a peak at his blog for some great testaments of financial wisdom as well as some inspirational advice to cast off the shackles of the financial masses.

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