Blog Hiatus: Annual Review @ Work

Financial Salmons Posts have been sporadic and inconsistent. It’s not that I have lost interest or passion to share with those that might want to read. But my job has gotten pretty busy as I hit my first year since moving back to Phoenix from Dallas (*Idea for a future post Dallas vs Phoenix).

Recently I put together a 10 slide power point presentation for my boss of all my accomplishments over the past year and how I feel I have added value to the organization since my hiring. I know I am a true nerd. But Financial Salmon do things differently.  In the last year I have had some good wins and some minor set backs that were good learning experiences as I ramp up my on the job knowledge. The foundations have been established for my analysis as I learned our information systems, company intricacies, set up databases and started financial reporting from scratch. I am starting to be able to “Peel the Onion” back a little to reveal deeper layers of Planning and Analysis.

My new job is much more independent than I am use to, I don’t manage anyone anymore and my boss is mostly hands off. I have much less team interaction (this I do miss) and so I have to work extra hard to push myself and to stay motivated to take it to the next level; but I am grateful. In a recent meeting, my boss exclaimed “what did we do with out you?” Uniquely enough when I took the job I was told their would be no merit increases. So my ammunition to thwart this setback is being securely stored for the right moment to leverage my Family’s upstream swimming…although even if I am unsuccessful in convincing that I am worthy of the all elusive merit increase I feel I have earned job security

Plus…Our CEO stopped by my desk last Friday to tell me to go home. She said “<“Financial Salmon”> you are a Genius. Here is a $1″ and slapping a Dollar on my desk. I never know how to respond to nice compliments from superiors, so I just thanked her. Although, I was amused at the Dollar and honestly a bit perplexed if that was a compliment. BUT, It feels good to be appreciated. I am so grateful to Christ for changing my job situation from ultra-stressful, always working 7 days a week to something more relaxed and balanced while still challenging and rewarding.

I feel I still have dues to pay at my current job and am slowly laying salmon eggs by being innovative and going a step beyond what is expected. This is reward in of itself but the nice thing in America, the land of opulence and over indulgence, is that it usually also results in a Financial reward, a salmon egg laid for the future.

As things even out with work, family, and house projects; there are Salmon Eggs laid and ready to hatch. 

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