Tie Tuesday: By Golly You Deserve it

I remember being in high school working at my dream job at the time, a skateshop. I started out making something like $5.25 an hour. Although still living with my parents, I still had plenty of money for my minimal needs: New skateboards, Gas, and the Powerade to refuel after the late night sess’. PLUS I was able to save a nice percentage of my income, considering food was being supplied by my parents.

My fellow peers were blowing through there $250 paychecks on new rims for their cars, flashy exhausts, lift kits, fancy pants, designer shoes, etc etc. While I bought 5 pack of shirts for $10. My wardrobe consisted of two 5 packs so you can see why my cashflow was in the GREEN. I was swimming upstream then, but I was yet to become the financial salmon I am today. I was ‘xplaining to my sis how much I was saving and she stated “You DESERVE to treat yourself!”

Well this little lie of a statement has whispered it’s deception in my ear for years since then. Just tonight as I was unable to sleep a TV commercial came up:

“Well you have no job? Bad Credit? Well don’t sigh. You still DESERVE that car. Come to such and such predator car lender and we will cheat you of your money while you are driving a car you DESERVE.”

As some raspy Rich, white business man spoke with a cheesy haircut as a Nissan 350Z in Silver Money color spun and glistened in the background.

We have been lied to since our school days that we DESERVE this or that. I’ll admit my generation has been haunted with these lies. Well by GOLLY we DON’T DESERVE IT! You may have money but do we really deserve the money? Well you reply “I punched a bunch of buttons on a computer, moved some money around and made some guy richer! I DESERVE that new car!” Well I say CRAP to that. Although I believe hard work has something to do with success, I believe more than anything your situation you are born into has more of an impact of who you are. So since you were born into that Upper middle class white neighborhood you deserve this or that. Well these same people now cram their views down the throats of all classes and cultures through Predatory Car Loan Commercials.

The only thing we probably deserve is death for the way we exploit those around the world for our consumption. Now, I am not free of this guilt, but let’s kick the motto WE DESERVE IT, by golly we DO NOT!

Let’s help each other by not letting others take out predatory loans because no one deserves to be taken advantage of in that way. Today, fight the man. It’s Tie Tuesday, ride your bike to work in rebellion of the man. Not only are you an example of something good but you also saving your money for something more rewarding: Swimming upstream from the financial masses


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